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Installation guide

Before installation, please keep tiles in boxes in a dry place. Avoid being in contact with water or humidity as it may cause tiles to be stained.

Secoin encaustic cement tiles are made from natural materials. The manufacturing process is mostly done by hand. Therefore, the tiles are subject to certain color variations. We recommend you check your tiles carefully before installation. We will not be responsible for tiles which have been cut or installed. When installing, please take out the tiles ramdonly from different boxes so as to have a better distribution and blending of the material. 

Cement tile installation is a simple process. However, great care should be taken during the installation and handling process so as not to cause any damages to tile surface and to achieve the best results. 

- The tiles should be laid on a perfectly leveled and clean surface. The joint between tiles is normally about 2-3 mm. 

- Tiles can be installed either by using glue or by placing on a thin mortar bed. To have adequate adhesion, it is necessary to trowel the glue or mortar on both the surface of the leveled surface and at the back of tiles. 

- Tiles are laid by hand and must be carefully handled so as not to create any chippings at the edges. After laying the tiles, level the tiles by hand. Make sure that the tiles form a very flat surface because once the glue or mortar gets hard, the tiles cannot be adjusted to the same level.

- If there is any residue of mortar on tile surface, please clean it out immediately, the sooner the better. If mortar stay on tiles’ surface, it will cause stain on the floor which will be very difficult to remove.

- Leave the floor untouched and wait for the mortar bed to be dry enough before grouting.

- Fill the joints with grouting liquid. For the grouting color, you can choose either white grout or colored grout. White grout matches most of the cases. However, for colored grout, please choose the color which is the same with the color of tile or pattern in the tile. Remove all the exessive grouting material before it gets dry.

- All tiles made by Secoin are pre-sealed with a very thin layer of wax. This wax is only temporary for protecting the tiles in handling and installation. After the floor has been laid and grouted, wash the floor with mild soap and water. Rub the surface of tiles very gently to remove the temporary wax.

- After the tiles are completely dry, apply a penetrating sealer using a sponge. Always follow the instruction of the sealers manufacturer. We recommend you use quality sealers from reliable manufacturers such as AKEMI ( or FILA ( or equivalent. You can also find similar sealers readily available in your market. Apply a few layers of sealer to have the best protection for the tiles. Remember to test a piece of tile with sealer before applying massively on the floor.

- The floor will need to be periodically re-sealed, about 6 to 12 months depending on the type of sealers used and on the traffic frequency.

- For a new construction, please cover the floor with a good protecting material so that other contractors do not damage the floor due to interior decoration work.

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